Dynamite Dishes By Personal Chef Todd Terricone in New Jersey

Welcome to Dynamite Dishes

As Featured in the Newark Star Ledger

The goal of Dynamite Dishes is to provide services that are appreciated by individuals and families that support and benefit them by providing delicious meals and offer healthy solutions to everyday’s busy schedule.

Dynamite Dishes will provide individuals and families great meals catered to their individual tastes and dietary requirements, by involving them in culinary assessment, menu selections, and seeking feedback to continually strive to further enhance their dining experience.

Families and individuals that will appreciate the services provided will enjoy the simplification of meal planning and preparation, increased time together, and a healthy balance of delicious meals. The value will be evident from the very first meal.

In addition to weekly meal preparation Dynamite Dishes will be happy to assist you in the planning and execution of party plans, yes I also cater. Whether it is a special occasion or holiday, formal event or a relaxing get together, I have the solution to make you part of your party.

Picture This

You come home after a long day at work, exhausted. Everyone wants dinner, but you dread the thought of going out or fixing it yourself. Sound familiar?

Chef Todd has the answer for you—Delicious, nutritious home cooked meals without the stress and mess.

In-home assessment to determine your special cooking wishes and needs.

I will shop for groceries the morning of your cook date.

I will prepare your entrees and side dishes in the safety of your own kitchen with my own kitchen supplies.

I will package, label, and store your food for your convenience and leave heating instructions.

I will remove all evidence of cooking, including waste from your home …… leaving you only the aroma of freshly cooked, nutritious food.