Dynamite Dishes By Personal Chef Todd Terricone in New Jersey

Event Services & Prices

In addition to weekly meal plans Dynamite Dishes offers a variety of other services & entertainment ideas.
Some of the services are as follows...

Private Dinner Parties

Each event menu is created based upon your individual tastes and preferences and each party is customized to your special occasion. The fee includes planning, shopping, prep and clean-up. Food and decoration costs are separate and will be charged to you at cost.  I would be happy to discuss your event in more detail and provide an estimate. The result is a well-planned, smooth event experience in your home. You’ll like the feeling of having individualized attention, and knowing that I’m looking after the details. Whether it’s a birthday celebration, anniversary, a holiday party, or a simple family get together.

Private Dinner Parties pricing includes a four course dinner prepared in your kitchen. Menu includes appetizer, salad, main entrée and appropriate side(s) and dessert.

  • 4 to 6 guests               —  $50 per person plus the cost of food
  • 8 to 16 guests2           —  $40 per person plus the cost of food

Party Ideas

  • Appetizer Party: four different appetizers & dessert
  • Theme Parties: Hawaiian luau, Halloween, Mardi Gras, etc.
  • Ethnic Cuisines: Italian, Asian, German
  • Kids Parties: let the kids do all the cooking

Your Very Own Grill Guy for Your Next Party

It's always a hassle having a big barbeque and having to worry about grilling all the food for your guests and trying to enjoy yourself. Let me do the work for you for as little as $40 an hour.

2 For 8 to 16 guests, an additional server/assistant will be needed at $25 per hour for the duration of the party.

Hands-On Private Cooking Lessons & Cooking Class Party

Cooking classes conducted in the privacy of your home or other locations, for just you or a group of friends. All levels and ages are welcome. Chef Todd tailors a two to three hour program or multiple sessions according to your needs. Cooking class parties are always a fun event.  Invite some friends over to learn some new recipes and cooking techniques.  Then all share in the fruits of your labor. For the best learning experience, please limit groups to eight participants.

  • One on one      $100 per 2 hour lesson plus the cost of food
  • 2 to 4 guests    $50 per person plus the cost of food
  • 4 to 8 guests    $40 per person plus the cost of food

Gift Certificates

Personal Chef Service make the perfect gift for:

  • Newlyweds
  • New Parents
  • Housewarming
  • Anniversaries
  • Holiday's
  • A Sick Friend
  • The Friend Who Has Everything
  • Just to say, "I love you"